Friday, March 26, 2010

Put it in the Otto--Man!

We are so excited about our new little addition...our coffee tables! Yes it is plural. J and I decided to try something a little different and we are enjoying it. One of my favorite stores Tar-jet, (Question: Who doesn't love Target?) has been having lots of wicker on the market lately. After eyeing two small, wicker ottomans for nearly three weeks, we gave in and bought them. Here is our living room before.
We were are really happy with our little home. We like to think it is warm and inviting, but we had nothing in the middle of our living room and it always felt awkward. Here is our living room after! We are pleased...
J and I both feel that this fills the room and gives us a place to put our games, lots of our crafting supplies and of course J's favorite movie blanket and my Snuggie! But, we still want your opinion! I am one of those people who will love something that J and I come up with not matter how ugly it is. So an honest opinion will help! Plus we kept the tags and the receipt so, if this completely doesn't work for you we could consider returning it. But, before you say you hate it there is a bonus! We could use these for end tables or other storage in the future...which is a bonus J and I love. Please give us your opinions! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love it. I think it's great. Now you just need a wicker basket to go under the table next to the couch to hide the cords there. That can also be used to hold magazines as well.

  2. kelsey, your blog is so cute. luke & i approve of the wicker baskets! i agree with having a basket under the coffee table. i know how to weave baskets if you would ever like to learn :)

  3. kels! time to update! you've been slacking! haha this is awesome (: im gonna do a married blog when my time comes!